Small Friendly Team of Professionals

Carlo Zanella - Principal
Cinematographer | Editor | Composer
Easy to find: going too fast on a ski slope - playing piano - cooking and decorating gourmet eclectic dishes - 
observing and filming the beauty of the sky on a summer night

Andrea Zanella
First Assistant Director
Easy to find: on a practically un-existent impervious trail up in the Dolomites - talking about the color of wine - 
taking pictures at sunset at 12,000 feet where nobody would dare

Celsa Palafox
Assistant / Script supervisor
Easy to find: at a studio doing yoga - meditating in the desert, but always on top of a rock - going kambucha tasting at her favorite store...Whole Foods

Javier Fraga
1st AC- AKA “the problem solver”
Easy to find: off-roading with his “tea time” vehicle - beer tasting - relaxing before the next session - sleeping during the next session

Joshua James
Camera Assistant/Operator
Easy to find: taking pictures, countless pictures - calmly resolving difficult situations

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