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Shape | Motion | Color | Harmony

These 4 elements create my Art

In my life I have always been fascinated by Pure Beauty

I have portrayed beautify in my Films, in my Music, and now in my Abstract Art


My work comes from a deep and inner energy, the energy that drives me to live and create without limits of time and space

The force that drives my Art is unknown by my mind. It is just a force that guides me in creating harmony of shapes and seamless flow of textures

I love to intertwine lines taken from different situation and elements, and together have them create new shapes, textures, and colors

My Art is evoking of a true sense of beauty


It is an universal sense of beauty that manifests itself through my creative process

I like to spend hours, days, late nights, early mornings creating new visuals

The most important aspect in my Art is the blend of color and shape

They both play the main role in the execution of my pieces

Some pieces are more abstract than others, but the common denominator is pure love for untamed beauty

Beauty that at times wants to hide itself, shy beauty, exuberant beauty, simple beauty, complex beauty, pretentious beauty, sensual beauty

When these elements take part of my initial design, only amazing shapes, lines, textures, and colors come ti life

A life that before never existed

That is the beauty of Art
Today I created some
Tomorrow I will create new one
And then, when they all fall in the past, they become the path I took to evolution

The beauty of Art is that I never know the textures and shapes I will create tomorrow

That Is the driving force behind my Art

The unknown

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