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In this highly competitive world of Media, to be noticed, the IDEA or CONCEPT behind your Film or Video is what matters most!
That is what we specialize in: we create a concept for you, turn into a script, compose the BEST Music for it, and the execute the project in a timely and professional matter.

This is what makes us different. Filming is just part of what we do! The creative process starts from the concept, the most important phase of any successful Video or Film Production.

We offers the very best in creative services and technical talent to produce cost-effective High-End TV Spots, Corporate Videos, Sport Video, Fashion, Art Films, and Internet Productions for a wide range of clients.

Utilizing the latest digital technology we can provide almost any service to our clients.
DHP Multimedia features the latest in video production and video editing.  We offer a vast array of video services, including on site filming with professional 4K Digital Motion PIcture Cameras, and products such as:

- Scripting
- TV Commercials
- Company Videos - Real Estate, Hospitality/Tourism
- Art, Fashion, Sport Nature Films/Videos
- Music Videos
- Narrative, Film Trailers
- Documentaries and more

What gives DHP Multimedia an edge over competitors? DHP Multimedia has a deep understanding of the importance of MUSIC in video/film/television production

With our extensive background in music productions, from classical to pop, rock, house, and R & B, we can produce music that best fits our clients' project.  Our goal is to produce a full media package with music and video, that enhances our clients' message.  We have an extensive stock music library.  We can also compose original music that is most suitable to the project.

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